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The brick-box system of Boxes provides regular arrangement for your tools in the workplace or at home.

Example 1   Example 2
Example 1   Example 2

Available tool fixing systems:

  • cylindrical shanks
  • MORSE tapers
  • ISO-SK tapers
  • ABS a ABS-N
  • VDI tool holders

Special boxes

The system contains special parts for:

  • lathe knives
  • chuck collets
  • drill sets
  • screwing tap sets
  • hexagon spanners sets
  • electrode holders

The Boxes are made from ABS material in two colours – red (RAL 3020) and blue (RAL 5015). Detailed description of individual parts can be found in our on-line catalogue.

The brick-box system


The Boxes are conceived as a highly variable workshop brick-box system. They are connected via dovetail grooving together into arbitrary configurations as desired with a safety-catch to prevent dismantling. If you need to disassemble the unit or reassemble in different fashion, it is necessary to undo the safety-catch first.

Dovetail grooving   Safety-catch
Dovetail grooving   Safety-catch

It is possible to combine all the parts of the brick-box system together but also mix with Small Boxes, Panels and Additional components.

When making a configuration follow the instructions carefully. It is particularly important to keep to the connection instructions when the parts of the brick-box system are assembled. Incorrect assembly will result in the inability to add other parts.

You can download the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Special parts

Among parts of the brick-box system you can find special boxes for drill sets and boxes for storing hexagon spanners sets or electrode holders

For drill sets   For hexagon spanners sets
For drill sets   For hexagon spanners sets

Boxes for drills have diameters of storage cavities scaled in 0,1mm and are clearly labelled. Labels and sequential placing in the brick-box system speed up the finding of the requested drill.