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VariBoxes in action

The creative VariBoxes system brings following possibilities to the user:

  • Build up cabinets for documents, stuff, tools and utilities,
  • Build up shelfs and blocks of drawers,
  • Adapt the disposition of your workplace

according to your needs and in accordance with 5S methodology.

Work desk   Office cabinet
Work desk   Office cabinet

VariBoxes will find their use in offices, stocks, archives, workshops and shops.

Trolley   Stock
Trolley   Stock

In our offer you can also find trolleys made of VariBoxes. So is the system usability not limited for stationary instalations only. Trolley is a convenient solution for everyone who needs to take his tools and stuff with him anywhere.

Carry capacity of the combinations

All the combinations are self-supporting. Any other construction is not neccessary. The parts are sized even for long-lasting high load, which results for example by storing steel screws.


The system has been developed with an emphasis on high adaptability and variability level. You can combine and join the components very easily togehter and create inexhaustible amnout of combinaitons. But look before you leap. It is not possible to disassemble the joined components.