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2624  Robust Frame UI

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Robust Frame UI is one of the structural components of the VariBoxes system. It serves to build up the basic structure.

It has a thickened side wall and it is intended for the use in warehouses and archives by storing heavier objects like screws, tools or archival documents.

Robust Frames UI can be used in two different ways. They are developed so that they enable to make

  • a base or
  • a ceiling

of the final combination from them.

You can find a vivid examples among the attached product photos.

The frames get connected together by Connectors:

  • 2631-Inner Connector
  • 2632-Outer Connector

For all the thickened and all the inner walls of combination use the 2631 Connectors. For the other and back walls of the combination use the 2632 Connectors.

Compared to the Standard Frames the Robust Frames offer a possiblity to put more independant combinations together into a big rack. For this purpose use following connectors:

  • 2633-Connector U
  • 2634-Connector H
  • 2635-Connector I.